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iRoutes was developed as a joint project between Sustainability for All and the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps over a six month period which included two months of active beta testing.
We would also like to thank our valued partners who helped to develop iRoutes:


Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps

iRoutes Powered

Dwight Washabaugh, Kala Dean, Baldeo Singh, Nate Lillge, Alexandria Lopez


San Joaquin Regional Conservation Corps

iRoutes Powered

Nick Mueller, Deb Phillips, Steve Kieffer, George Lopez, Erika Peral, Heather Holtsman


Conservation Corps of Long Beach

iRoutes Powered

Kedrin Hopkins, Melanie Henderson, Racheal Holcomb, James Inglemon, Mike Bassett, Joyce McDevitt


Orange County Conservation Corps

Josh Volp, George Patino, Paul St. Onge, Francis Warren, Milton Vanegas


San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps

iRoutes Powered

Norma Martinez, Jason Chavez


Los Angeles Conservation Corps

Bruce Saito, Robert Skillman, Karla Ramos, Bo Savage, Dan Knapp


Fresno Local Conservation Corps

iRoutes Powered

Keith Davis, April Lee, Jennifer Duran

Sustainability for All is a "research and development" organization designed to strengthen and advance the conservation corps movement through innovation, collaboration and information sharing.

Operated by several conservation corps veterans, SfA hopes to inspire collaborative learning and distributed action to achieve a prosperous and sustainable conservation corps movement.

Dorsey Moore - Chief Executive Officer

Dorsey started his career in 1987 as the Recycling Director for Denison University as a student. He led a dynamic team of students to develop the school's Recycling Program into a national model. From 1990-93, he worked for the City of San Jose's Environmental Services Department helping businesses set up recycling programs and developing policies that encouraged more efficient use of material resources. From 1993-2005 Dorsey served in several positions with the San Jose Conservation Corps (SJCC) including five years as Recycling Director. In 2007, Dorsey launched Sustainability for All (SfA). Dorsey has an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio School of Management and also holds a certificate in Non-Profit Management from San Jose State University.

Thomas Mejia - Chief Technology Officer

Thomas serves as SfA's technology mastermind. He is the main architect of the iRoutes System. Thomas is a corpsmember graduate and former 14-year staff member of the San Jose Conservation Corps. While at the SJCC, Thomas maintained roles of Chief Information & Technology Officer, Network Administrator, Recruitment Manager and Dean of Students.

Andrea Maes - Development Director

Andrea has over 15 years experience as an educator, development director and program manager. Andrea has four years of experience working with the San Jose Conservation Corps as Development Director and AmeriCorps Director. She is currently an instructor at California State University East Bay. She provides SfA with top-drawer writing and editing skills and sound non-profit development counsel. Andrea has a Masters in Educational Administration from Santa Clara University.

Art Ruiz - Chief Financial Officer

Art Ruiz has 18-years of experience in the non-profit and for-profit finance and accounting field. Art served as the CFO to the San Jose Conservation Corps for four years.

Carlos Jimenez - Accounting Specialist

Carlos is a graduate of the San Jose Conservation Corps. He currently holds an AA degree from Evergreen College and recieved his BA in Finance & Accounting from San Jose State University in 2010.

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