As an enterprise software application, iRoutes integrates several functions into one seamless system. iRoutes is a powerful tool for providing recycling managers with real-time feedback on operational performance.

Data Management

iRoutes provides Recycling Managers with real-time information on the profitability of recycling clients. These profitability metrics will be key to helping conservation corps recycling programs transition from a CalRecycle grant subsidized system to one dependent on earned income from client service fees.

Data Collection

iRoutes is designed to empower Recycling driver teams with iPads to enter collection data directly into the iRoutes System. Since iRoutes lives in the cloud, data uploads instantaneously and is immediately viewable by all staff users.

Routesheet Navigation
Information Management

iRoutes manages all recycling client information and data. Since iRoutes lives in the cloud, you don't have to worry about staff working on multiple versions, backing up data or system updates. Everything is handled automatically.

Man Admin Routes Location Maps
Peformance Reporting

View your key metrics which are accurate up to the second through your online secure web portal. Easily see trends in types of material picked up and even how many stops your crews have not serviced. The dashboard is automatically updated in real-time as data is collected.

Profitability Dashboard Today Dashboard

iRoutes powerful reporting capabilities provide for robust data analysis and client performance tracking. Plus generate reports for your clients that detail their positive impact on the environment and how much money they save by recycling with your corps!

DR6 Events No Pickup

Real Time Knowledge

Using algorithms that blend historical and current data the iRoutes system now has the capability to provide corps with basic econometrics for each client (and for all clients in aggregate) per time period (month, quarter, fiscal year).

Complete System

Client Relationship Management

iRoutes makes client relationship management easy by including it in the system. Track/logs all client interactions and create an easily understandable client case history. Enter potential clients into the system and track through the engagement process.

Monthly Report Incident Report

Multi-level password protected access, automatic data back-up and secure cloud-based hosting make iRoutes security second to none. iRoutes mobile hardware (iPads) are password protected and can be remotely tracked and located.


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Finally, paperless routesheets... with color coded collection statuses.


System Administration

Manage all your client information from the office or mobile.



Assign clients to one or more daily routes.


Location Maps

Attach floor or location plans to for bin locations.


Client Profitability Dashboard

Comprehensive volume and economic metrics allow you to see collection trends and profitability.


Today Dashboard

See what is happening on your daily collection routes in real time.


DR-6 Tracking

Keep track of your DR-6 information.


Events Management

Manage and view your special event schedule.


No Pickup Report

See which clients were not picked up on a specific date and why.


Client Monthly Report

You can either print or email this out with a click of a button.


Client Incident Report

Send your clients photo documented collection incident reports via email.


iPad Lockbox

Store and charge up your iPad investment with an optional lockbox.